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May 20th 2021
There are numerous changes affecting landlords in 2021. Our helpful guide focuses on some key legislation updates that landlords need to be aware of.
May 20th 2021
With multiple lockdowns and the tier system now thankfully behind us, landlords and tenants are able to enjoy more relaxed restrictions. We outline the current recommended best-practice guidance from the government for visits to tenanted properties.
May 20th 2021
The Queen's Speech on 11th May confirmed that the Renters' Reform Bill is back on the agenda for 2021, with the response to the 2019 proposals now expected in the autumn, when the government will outline its reform package for the PRS.Read on to find out more about some of the fairly significant proposed changes.
May 20th 2021
Under the new Government Model Tenancy Agreement announced in January 2021, landlords will no longer be able to issue blanket bans on pets, with objections made only where there is good reason...
May 20th 2021
There are numerous changes affecting landlords in 2021. Our helpful guide focuses on five key financial pointers that landlords need to be aware of.
April 20th 2021
Sentiment in the lettings market continues to improve. Find out more
April 19th 2021
There is only one lawful way to end a tenancy and that is to serve notice on your tenant.Find out more with our helpful summary
April 14th 2021
Find out how we can help you make the most of your property investment 
April 14th 2021
See our picks from our current sales property that we think could make ideal investment properties
March 22nd 2021
Meet Megan Eighteen, our Lettings Manager for Reading and ARLA representative for Oxfordshire and Berkshire. Find out more about her experience and view of the current lettings market in Reading.
March 19th 2021
Watch Megan talk about our local market, tenants adapting properties for home working, the impact of the eviction ban and International Women's day. 
March 15th 2021
We are pleased to announce Davis Tate’s Lettings partnership with Goodlord. Find out more about our investment in this great technology and what it means for us.