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The blog is a place for us to share property news, and informative articles.

August 14th 2019
Do I need to put fire doors in my rental property?
Find out the rules and regulations to make sure you stay within the law.
July 19th 2019
Cool homes for a hot summer!
These properties are our hot favourites that make the most of the summer weather - celebrating outdoor space with swimming pools, tennis courts and views that take your breath away! 
July 11th 2019
To furnish or not to furnish?
The number of properties let part or fully furnished across England and Wales is increasing, accounting for 31% of properties let over the past year, up 3% year on year.
April 23rd 2019
Tenants Zero Deposit
At Davis Tate we know moving home can be costly, especially when most tenants are asked to pay the 4-6 weeks deposit at the beginning of the tenancy. The Zero Deposit Guarantee makes renting more affordable by replacing the traditional tenancy deposit and costs the equivalent of one week’s rent, so you pay less upfront and gain greater freedom when moving home.
April 22nd 2019
Help to Buy – Could it help you onto the property ladder?
Help to Buy is a government scheme that was introduced in April 2013, financially supporting new home buyers in purchasing their brand-new homes. First time buyers often find the scheme useful as they have not had the opportunity to build up equity in a property they already own.
April 17th 2019
Tenants: Protecting Your Home
With the average rent at £865 per month in the UK* and statutory sick pay (the minimum amount an employer must pay) at just £92.05 per week for up to 28 weeks**, many people will face a huge shortfall between income and expenditure should the worst happen. 
March 11th 2019
What do tenants really want?
Whether you are looking to add to your portfolio by acquiring a new property or preparing to re-let any of your existing properties, it is important landlords understand what tenants really want when searching for their new home.
March 5th 2019
Is it best to invest in a house or an apartment?
As a landlord, you may be considering expanding your portfolio this year. If so, you may be wondering whether you should purchase a house or an apartment. The answer is: it depends where you want to buy! It depends on your budget, the price and availability of stock, the demand for rental accommodation in the area and your overall investment goals.
March 5th 2019
Government announce mandatory electrical safety checks
In January, The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) announced that mandatory five-year electrical installation checks on private rented housing in England will be introduced.
March 4th 2019
3 tips to help save money on your buy-to-let mortgage
With hundreds of Buy to Let mortgages available, it’s not always easy to work out whether you’re on the ‘right’ deal.  Davis Tate has a new mortgage services brand partner, Embrace Financial Services, and offer the following advice to help maximise the return on your buy-to-let investment.
March 3rd 2019
Davis Tate Launch No Deposit Policy
Davis Tate now offer a Zero Deposit Policy as an alternative to the traditional tenant deposit. A Zero Deposit Guarantee can replace a traditional tenancy deposit, giving landlords the same cover and protection as having a tenancy deposit in the bank, whilst making renting more affordable for tenants.
March 1st 2019
Could you increase the income from your buy-to-let property?
With tax changes starting to hit some landlord’s profits and a continuous raft of legal changes, often requiring additional investment from investors, many landlords would benefit from making sure they are maximising their income to ensure profits are maintained.