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Protection insurance

Don't let serious illness, stress or injury lose the home you love

Sometimes life doesn't go quite as expected. If you were unable to work, how would you pay your mortgage or the rent? We can introduce you to Embrace Financial Services who can help you protect your home whatever life throws at you. Including Critical illness insurance, Income protection insurance and life cover. 

Protect what is important to you

What is protection?

Protection Insurance provides financial protection to you or your loved ones if you were to become ill, unable to work or sadly passed away

As your life changes your protection needs often will as well. Watch our short film which will help you understand your options.

Protection enquiry form

By talking to an Embrace Financial Services financial consultant you will get a clearer picture of your protection needs. Fill out the form below and they will contact you to book an appointment.

We will use your information in order to arrange for Embrace Financial Services to respond to your enquiry. 


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