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Bar graph with arrow pointing down and the text Interest rates might be rising but did you know what mortgage rates are starting to fall?
March 2nd 2023
If you’ve been putting off looking at your mortgage because of the rapidly rising interest rates late last year, now could be the best time to speak to a Financial Adviser.
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A row of houses with solar panels on their rooves
January 10th 2023
As the market shifts back into gear for the new year, you might be starting your search for a new home. One option to consider is purchasing a new build property.
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Couple discussing finances with a broker
October 3rd 2022
You may have seen a number of headlines over the past week around mortgages and interest rates, designed to get a reaction from readers. But what should you do?
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October 1st 2022
Moving to a smaller home can be a great opportunity to free up some equity from your home, live a different lifestyle and to save money.
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stamp duty cut 2022
September 23rd 2022
The chancellor has unveiled in this morning’s mini-budget that there will be a permanent cut to stamp duty taking effect immediately, as of Friday 23rd September 2022.  The cut is set to save home buyers thousands, with the aim to help encourage economic growth by allowing more people to move property and get more first-time buyers on the housing ladder.
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Fox Talbot Close
August 5th 2022
With rising house prices and inflation costs it has never been more challenging for first time buyers to enter the property ladder, but with the government's Help to Buy scheme many first time buyers have been able to purchase their first home. If you are a first time buyer looking to use the Help to Buy scheme, then you need to act fast as it is ending soon!
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How much is your property worth?
July 20th 2022
How much is your property worth? Your property may have been a first-time pad or a place you’ve grown into and now out of, but it’s likely it will be home to many memories, some of which will be priceless.
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A cartoon sun and houses with solar panels on them
April 13th 2022
Making your home more energy efficient with solar power.
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Finding a conveyancer
February 23rd 2022
Find out what a conveyancer does and how they are involved in the process of buying a house.
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7 top tips for moving day
February 21st 2022
7 tips to help you to prepare for moving day and make it run smoothly.
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5 Reasons why you should list your property before looking to buy
November 4th 2021
Following a year of exceptionally high levels of property sales, the market is now seeing a shortage of new properties available on the market. This is making buying a new home more competitive than ever and in many cases a high number of buyers are looking to purchase the same property.
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Eco homes – what are they and are they for you?
November 3rd 2021
Eco homes – what you need to know Would you like to make a difference to the planet and climate by changing the way you live? Have you considered an eco home?
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