Our culture

Our values are at the heart of our company culture, and in everything we do we strive to be ‘The Recommended and Trusted Local Property Team'.

Consumers can trust us because we are trained to a professional standard, we give them what we believe to be the best advice, we alert them to potential conflicts of interest and we are truthful.

We provide better service to consumers by working together, sharing information and having the consumer’s interests above individual or company objectives, our teams include our customer.

Our best measure of success is the amount of repeat & recommended customers we have, this includes length of staff service & staff recommendation to new recruits.

We want all front line staff to be able to deal with consumers locally. We want them to know enough about their locality to help consumers make good property decisions, be involved in the local community and whenever possible live closely to where they work.

We like adopting new ideas & ways of working because they improve the service we give to consumers & make us more efficient

We are fuelled by a passion for what we do every day, and take pride in the quality of everything we do. In getting the best price for our clients, in providing them an experience that no other agent can offer, in exceeding their expectations, in doing it compliantly, and in putting together our team that does such a great job in doing all of that. 

By attracting the best people the industry has to offer, by providing the best training available, and by having a lot of fun at the same time.

If you want to know more about why people like working for us, or what it might be like, have a look at our careers page here, and have a look at our current vacancies.