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November 30th 2019
Q: As a landlord, do I need to do a Legionella risk assessment? A: Yes
Here's what you need to do to make sure you stay within the law...
November 29th 2019
Landlords - are you compliant with all 178 pieces of legislation?
With hundreds of changes to UK laws in recent years, remaining compliant is challenging - here's a current list of laws that may apply to buy-to-let landlords...
November 28th 2019
Renting or letting? How could the general election affect you?
The Private Rental Sector is being hotly debated by leading political parties, here we detail the manifestos of both the Conservative and Labour parties.
November 27th 2019
It’s a buyer’s market!
It is a potentially good time for buy-to-let landlords to add to their portfolio, the latest housing market snapshot suggests.  
November 26th 2019
Top 10 things to know about the new MEES rules
The Energy Efficiency Regulations, which came into effect in 2018, established a minimum level of energy efficiency for privately rented property in England and Wales. This means that...
November 18th 2019
Reading to be fastest growing city/town in UK
Reading is forecast to beat Manchester in growth rate over next 12 months according to EY’s Regional Economic Forecast.
October 16th 2019
Our pick of investment properties
Take a look at our top investment properties for Landlords and Investors.
September 11th 2019
Is Help to Buy ISA or Lifetime ISA best for savers?
Getting on the property ladder is increasingly challenging for many, but Martin Lewis, money saving expert, offers advice on Help to Buy vs Lifetime ISAs for savers.
August 21st 2019
Duplex living - advantages over a traditional apartment
Renting a duplex rather than a standard apartment can have its advantages - and here's our pic of the best on offer in Reading right now!
August 14th 2019
Do I need to put fire doors in my rental property?
Find out the rules and regulations to make sure you stay within the law.
July 19th 2019
Cool homes for a hot summer!
These properties are our hot favourites that make the most of the summer weather - celebrating outdoor space with swimming pools, tennis courts and views that take your breath away! 
July 11th 2019
To furnish or not to furnish?
The number of properties let part or fully furnished across England and Wales is increasing, accounting for 31% of properties let over the past year, up 3% year on year.