Thanks a billion, Mum!

March 19th 2020
By: Davis Tate
  • Sunday 22nd March is Mother's Day in the UK, and it is estimated that £1.6 billion was spent celebrating this day in 2019 - that's the equivalent to just over 6,800 average-priced homes!
  • And at current prices, £1.6 billion purchases equates to over 8,400 terraced or 4,400 detached properties. In London, this would purchase 1,723 detached houses, or in Wales 14,000 apartments.
  • James Elliott, Local Director at Davis Tate explains, "Obviously, house prices and the housing market in general can fluctuate at different rates throughout the UK, and this is also the case across our 12 offices in Berkshire and Oxfordshire. However, we have the very latest statistics on hand which provide accurate local data showing variations in property values, the number and types of homes sold, and much much more. If you would like to find out the detail of what's happening in your area, contact your local Davis Tate branch who will be delighted to assist you."
  • Coincidentally, a similar sum, just over £1.6 billion, was collected from the 3% second home levy across England in 2019.
  • Whether it’s your mum or someone special you'll be celebrating or remembering this Sunday, here's hoping some sunshine adds some warmth to your day during these uncertain times.
  • Happy Mother's day!