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Duplex living - advantages over a traditional apartment

August 21st 2019
By: Davis Tate
Duplex living - advantages over a traditional apartment

Renting a duplex rather than a standard apartment can have its advantages - and here's our pick of the best on offer in Reading right now!

Here's some advantages of a duplex over a standard apartment:

  1. Duplexes tend to have more living space than apartments, especially in the bathroom and kitchen areas.
  2. A duplex can often feel more personal. Living in an apartment complex, seeing all of the apartments lined up, makes it obvious you are ‘borrowing’ a portion of a building. Duplexes are often more spread out, and sometimes have more private outdoor space, so it can feel more like your own space.
  3. They can sometimes include additional space such as an attic, basement or garage. Maybe even a shed outside that you could use to store a bike or garden tools.

So, duplex living might suit you if lots of space is a priority, and you prefer a quieter space that feels more your own.

Here's a selection on offer in Reading right now: