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August 8th 2022
Gardens are at the top of many home buyers’ wish lists, especially after the restrictions imposed by the pandemic which made many of us realise the value of outdoor space, no matter how small.
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Estate agents
August 3rd 2022
Wondering what's the best way to sell your property and confused about the difference between traditional local estate agents and online agents? Find out more with our helpful summary
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Moving for the New Year? You need to act now.
July 21st 2022
Are you wanting to move home in time for the new year? If so, you'll need to be looking at making an offer on a property in the next few weeks.   
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Kerb appeal: 5 ways to transform the appearance of your property from your doorstep
July 18th 2022
It's vital to make a great first impression.  Read our top 5 tips for improving kerb appeal.
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A cartoon sun and houses with solar panels on them
April 13th 2022
Making your home more energy efficient with solar power.
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Don't be a victim of property title fraud
March 23rd 2022
Property title fraud – could it happen to you?  If you're a homeowner find out how to protect yourself from your property being sold to someone else without your knowledge or permission.  
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Should I move or improve?
March 21st 2022
Move or Improve? Have you outgrown your current home, but are not sure whether you should move or improve?
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Compulsory material information on property listings
March 10th 2022
A property's council tax band or rate (for lettings and sales) and the property price and tenure information (for sales) must be included on all property listings by 31st May 2022.
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Finding a conveyancer
February 23rd 2022
Find out what a conveyancer does and how they are involved in the process of buying a house.
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How to choose an estate agent to sell your home
February 23rd 2022
Choosing an estate agent to sell or rent out your home can be a daunting task. Do you have recommendations from friends of family? Should you rely on online reviews? Choose the agent with the most sales boards visible? Or choose the estate agent who offers the cheapest service?
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7 top tips for moving day
February 21st 2022
7 tips to help you to prepare for moving day and make it run smoothly.
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Looking to sell in the New Year? Get your property ready now and benefit from the post Christmas boom
November 15th 2021
If you’ve decided 2022 is going to be the year you move to a new home and you have a property to sell, then we recommend you get started now. Getting your property on the market before Boxing Day will give you the best chance of getting a buyer in place quickly – but with Christmas coming you’ll need to act fast.
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