3D property tours for your home

February 9th 2021
By: Davis Tate
3D property tours for your home

Our 3D property tours with GotoView are a great way to offer potential buyers the chance to view your home in detail without having to be there in person. 

Using immersive 3D scans and encrypted video communication our 3D property tours can be viewed from anywhere via mobile, tablet or desktop.

Without leaving their front room, buyers are able to explore your home and see if it is one they could see themselves living in. Saving on unnecessary travel and keeping physical viewings to the ones that have the potential to buy.

Since offfering 3D property tours for all our properties, we have saved over 600 journeys for first time viewings.

See what Local Director Richard Sutton has to say,

"So far this year, GotoView has saved us more than 600 first physical viewings.  That’s 600 times we have been saved from going on a wasted journey!  We recently also had a buyer who had been resistant to doing a hosted virtual viewing initially, he couldn’t understand why we couldn’t just send the showcase out to him, however he completed the GotoView feedback form straight after our viewing with the following; “Excellent service by the way – liked this way of doing the initial viewing. No other agent has offered me this." 

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With this greater reach you can acheive more viewings and enquiries, more feedback and more meaningful second physical viewings.

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Updated April 2021